Visit the exhibition of this series at Amore Rotterdam (Tiendplein 1, Rotterdam). 
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1. Little Runner

'Encounters Are Not Just Encounters', Morocco, 2023.
A street encounter might feel like a coincidence, but this is in fact never the case. Every person or object that crosses our path carries meaning and information, which we unconsciously register. Everything before the encounter had to happen, and the confrontation itself had to occur for the next meeting to take place. This is the way life unfolds, and with curiosity and hyper-awareness towards this dance, one will notice the importance and consequences of them.
The lessons we are taught by fleeting passers-by, the inspiration we gather from peculiar objects, or the eyes we lock: once we gaze with an open heart, some encounters will stick with us and change us forever, unconsciously leading the way through life.

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6. Colors of Remembrance

3. Holding On To A Message

4. Hidden Donkey

10. Moving Mirrors

2. Journey of a Box

5. Children's Hands

7. Floating Man

11. Laundry Convention

8. Selfportrait

9. Speeding By Fast

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