The Contemporary Male (2022) is a performance by four male-identifying dancers. Through movement exercises, meditation and exploration under guidance of a choreographer, they have translated emotions that come with being a male in contemporary society into movement. Using the body as a narrator instead of words, the performers reach the core of their emotional memory and with this transmuting a feeling to the audience, for body-language is understood universally, speaks louder than words and pokes deeper into the soul than written poetry.
This project is still in progress. The performance-film will be released in the summer of 2023. 

Performers - Bernd-Jan Huiskes, Eliasz Korabowski-Dean, Jannar Brummans, Lasse Rogie
Director - Francis Brinkman
Choreography - Siena Verber
Assistant choreography - Ricardo Kerseboo
First AD - Polina Mirovskaya
DOP - Michelle van der Plas
Gaffer - Paula Hankes
1st AC - Bart Vijfhuizen
2nd AC/light assistant - Evan Frijters
BTS - Julia Sara Noelle
Catering - Philippe Loyson

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