"The Duet", 2023
Part of installation by Julia Olijkan. Film as a part of the installation will be released on 30/06/23 at the graduation exhibition Royal Academy of Arts, Rotterdam. 
"Designed as a means of extending the human range and opening up distant perspectives, the car has become an extension of man. The question is, does man, with his wayward will, lead the mechanical beast, or is he caught in the grip of the machine’s intoxicating pull? The tango between man and car unfolds, an uncanny duet."
Duet performed by Francis Brinkman
Zorgeloze onwetendheid met gebrek aan perspectief, 2022 
Contemporary dance and research piece about the careless- and playfulness of indolescence. Presented at Academy of Theater and Dance Amsterdam (AHK). Choreography by Siena Verber.
Op de fiets, 2021 
Contemporary dance and research piece about dealing with letting go in times of quarantine. Choreography by Linde Wagemakers.
Embodied Ideas, 2022 - A summer intensive laboratory. Warsaw, Poland.
Artists from Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland gather for 7 days of intensive work to reinterprete the heritage of East-European avant-garde artists.

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